Tips For Traveling Long Distances

South Africans are known for travelling to different provinces during the holiday seasons, for a vacation or just to visit family and friends. When travelling these long distances, you need to be extra vigilant and ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared. The main goal of each trip should always be to arrive safely […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency This Winter

With the constant rise in petrol prices, people are starting to feel the pressure and trying to get as much out of their tanks as possible. These frosty mornings do not help when you are now having to burn fuel just to defrost your windows and see clearly out of them.   We have a […]

How to Drive Around Reckless Drivers

There will always be reckless drivers; unfortunately, we need to know how to drive around them to ensure that we stay safe on the roads.   The most important point to remember in these situations is to always keep as much distance between you and the other car as possible. If they are driving in […]

RhinoCab Discontinuation from July 2022

Saying goodbye to the Original RhinoCab after 9 years When Rhinoman started in 2013, we introduced the RhinoCab Aluminium canopy. It was the first Aluminium canopy of its kind presented to the South African market and it took the market by storm. Thank you to the RhinoCab canopy for being a trusty travel companion for […]

Looking After Your Bakkie to Protect its Resale Value

There are many ways to protect and maintain the value of your bakkie so that you protect its resale value.   Common Terminology Used by the Motor Industry Firstly, you need to understand some of the common terminology used by the motor industry.   Retail Price: This is the recommended selling price, excluding any optional […]

Navigating parking lots

One of the busiest places for drivers to contend with is parking lots. Drivers need an extra set of eyes to avoid all the impediments, which range from people walking behind the cars to trolleys abandoned in the middle of the parking lot. According to various studies, 46% of vehicles were damaged while at least […]

Car Servicing 101

Car Service

It’s a true rite of passage to own your first car and not have to rely on others to drive you where you need to go. “With great power comes great responsibility,” Spiderman’s Uncle Ben warned. Having a bakkie is a big responsibility and keeping it in good shape should be a top priority.   […]

Fool-proof fuel saving tips

South African motorists often feel helpless to the increasing petrol prices. While you may not be able to stop it, you can change the way you drive and perhaps cut your fuel use by up to 20%. To save money on petrol, Rhinoman Canopies offers the following suggestions: As you drive, keep a 12-second eye […]

Driving on flooded roads this winter

Many parts of South Africa have recently experienced heavy rains, resulting in floods. Despite the fact that the roads were closed, some vehicles were nevertheless faced with challenging or dangerous driving conditions. If you find yourself on the road during a strong rainstorm, Rhinoman Canopies wants to provide you with some advice on how to […]

The old Isuzu bakkie will live on as the Gen 6

Recently, the locally engineered and manufactured 7th generation Isuzu D-Max bakkie went off the production line at the Struandale facility. We at Rhinoman cannot wait to see the first seventh-generation Isuzu bakkies on South African roads – and of course to fit them with Rhinoman canopies. Along with the new, seventh-generation one-tonner, which will be […]