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Car hacks that actually work

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There are two types of bakkie problems: those that require the services of a mechanic or auto-electrician, and those that are important but are quite inconvenient. When getting takeout or travelling long distances, a car without cup holders, for example, can cause a lot of frustration.

Fortunately, at Rhinoman Canopies, we’ve discovered a couple of crazy car hacks that actually work:

  • Is your immobiliser not working when you’re far away? While looking at your bakkie, hold the remote under your chin, open your mouth, and hit the button.
  • Getting motion sickness on those long road trips? If you tilt your head to the side, nausea will subside.
  • Do you believe your mechanic is deceiving you? Request that he examine an item that you know is in good working order and see what he says.
  • Use your car’s footwell mats to gain traction if you ever get stuck in the mud.
  • Keep an eye on how fast trucks are driving on the road. Truckers share information on speed traps and roadblocks.
  • Are you fed up with your car’s windows fogging up all the time? Take a potato, cut it in half, and rub the insides of your windows with it.
  • Wet a wad of newspaper with warm water and apply it over a sticker for 10 minutes to remove those pesky dealer stickers from the back window.
  • Don’t like scorching-hot steering wheels? Turn your wheel 180 degrees when parking your car in the sun. The sun will heat the bottom of the steering wheel rather than the top, where your hands will rest.
  • Do you have a bottle of whitening toothpaste that’s nearly empty? It can be used to clear cloudy headlights. Using a towel, rub the paste onto the plastic cover, then rinse and dry.
  • Do you have seat warmers? Do you like to pick up your pizza? Place your pizza box flat on the passenger seat and turn on the seat warmer to keep your cheese slices warm.
  • Are your kids constantly slamming their car doors against the garage walls? Cut a pool tube in half lengthwise and nail the halves to the side walls where the car doors will come into contact.
  • Park your car facing east the night before to avoid a fogged-up windscreen on those frosty winter mornings.


What are some other car hacks that you swear by when it comes to your bakkie and your Rhinoman Canopy? Let us know!

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