Commercial Products

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With over 20 years expertise manufacturing zero tolerance precision products for every conceivable industry in South Africa we are launching the same precision quality into the Commercial market with our 100% Quality Aluminium Canopies. Are you tired of paying more for products than they are actually worth? Our Aluminium Canopies have a unique design through which we achieve the highest strength and lowest weight combination.

The Aluminium components are manufactured using state of the art computer guided machines to ensure each canopy is exactly the same. Components are welded together in a zero tolerance jig which gives us the guarantee that there is no deforming of the product during welding. The last step in the process is a durable powder coat finish in a number of different colours to best fit your vehicle. You can deal direct with the manufacturer or buy our products from reputable third party outlets.

Either way you will get the best price for our superior quality aluminium products. Best Prices for Aluminium Canopies, Best Quality Aluminium Canopies. We supply Aluminium Canopies at very competitive prices when compared to Steel canopies or Fiberglass canopies. Contact us and we can explain the benefits. Better quality for a similar price. It’s a No Brainer! All doors are lockable with two push locks per door. Opening of the doors are assisted by two gas struts per door which also keep the doors in the opened position for easy access. Aluminium extrusions on the roof allow for easy fitment of a rooftop tent or any other accessories.

You decide on your own configuration based on the options below.

Solid cab side panel and rear door.

Cab side panel with solid window.

Cab side panel with sliding window.

Rear door with solid window.

Solid side doors.

Side doors with solid windows.

Side doors with sliding windows.

Wide or narrow rear door.

Cab side sliding window.

Rear door with solid toughened glass window.

Solid opening side doors.

Door finishes in rigidised or patterned aluminium.

Custom colour to match vehicle.