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Driving during loadshedding and your safety

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There isn’t much the typical individual can do about power outages that disrupt traffic lights and traffic flow; however, the right driving attitude can go a long way toward averting or decreasing the severity of collisions. Especially when you’re keeping your bakkie and your Rhinoman Canopy safe on the roads!

Wherever possible, drivers should plan their routes and depart early to avoid peak traffic periods, which may also minimize the need to rush.

Many motorists are impatient because they are late as a result of the above-mentioned circumstances, and they may take unnecessary risks. Motorists are advised to use extra caution when approaching defective traffic signals.

Many other motorists are also blocked or delayed, and they may be talking on their phones or not paying attention to the road – make sure all other vehicles are stationary before pulling away from the four-way stop.

Traffic Lights / Intersections

The majority of road rage is triggered by delays caused by failing traffic lights. There are a few simple guidelines to follow to keep the road user safe and reduce frustration:

  • The crossing becomes a stop street / if the traffic lights are out of order / not operating.
  • This implies you must respect the rules of the road when approaching a four-way stop.
  • Even if there is no traffic from other routes, you must still come to a complete stop.
  • If the vehicle in front of you passes the intersection, you’ll have to wait for vehicles from the other stops to cross before you can proceed.
  • Be aware of the sequence of vehicles approaching the crossroads from various directions.

Inadequate Street Lighting

In the event of a power outage, vital road safety features such as street lights may be lost. This makes seeing road dangers like potholes, trash, and even pedestrians on the road surface extremely difficult.

Slow down and give yourself more time to avoid these potential problems. If there is no approaching traffic, it is recommended that you drive with your lights on bright to extend the visible surface distance.

Be visible and be seen!

Even during the day, turn on your vehicle’s headlights to make yourself more noticeable to other road users.

Petrol Stations

Because not all petrol stations can pump fuel during power outages, make sure your vehicle always has petrol in the tank.

Become familiar with load-shedding schedules

Learning the load-shedding schedules will allow you to plan your routes and when you hit the road better.

Remember, while load-shedding irritates us all, we all have the same goal in mind: to arrive alive at our destinations. And always be courteous to traffic officers who are attempting to help drivers at intersections.

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