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Fitment Instructions

for Rhinoman

Utility Unit

Perforated Hanger


Fitment Kit Contents

A. Perforated hanger assembly
B. M6 x 20 Socket head button screw
C. M6 Spring washer
D. M6 Flat Washer

Required Tools

1 x 4mm Allen Key

Installation Time & Care Instructions

⚠︎ Be aware of the edges on all sheet metal components and take extra care during handling.

⚠︎ Ensure that the area where the perforated hanger will be installed is free from any obstructions.
The perforated hanger can only be installed above a Rhinoman utility drawer on selected vehicles, namely: Isuzu, Nissan Navara H60, Land Cruiser, Amarok Gen 6, Hilux Revo, Tundra, Tacoma, Ranger (2011-2022), Ranger F150, Ranger F250, Gladiator, Dodge RAM.

  • Torque all M6 fasteners to 10.5 Nm.
  • The installation of the perforated hanger will require two people for ease of alignment.

Fitment Steps

Step 1
  • All 50% utilities can fit a minimum total of 2 x perforated hangers.
  • All 100% utilities can fit a minimum total of 4 x perforated hangers.
  • All utility units have pre-cut holes to position the perforated hanger either at the top or bottom of the rear panel. Choose a desired position.
  • Once the desired position is determined, remove 4 x of the allocated press-out pieces accordingly.

Step 2
  • Place the perforated hanger on the inside onto the rear panel of the utility and align the riv-nut holes with the previously pressed out holes.
  • From the outside of the utility, fasten 1 x M6 x 20 Button head screw, 1 x M6 spring washer and 1 x M6 flat washer into each riv-nut as illustrated in Fig. 2.3.1

Step 3
  • Ensure that the additional holes for the additional perforated hangers are pressed out.
  • 50% Utilities can fit perforated hangers above/below another.
  • 100% utilities can fit perforated hanger left-or-right of the utility and above/below another.

Step 4
  • You have now successfully completed the fitment of your Rhinoman perforated hanger.
  • Confirm that all the fitment screws have been properly tightened one last time.
  • Be sure to check at least bi-monthly that all the screws are still properly tightened.

Should you have any enquiries about the fitment, feel free to contact us

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