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Get your bakkie ready for the festive season

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The festive period is coming up soon and with it comes a whole lot of people and traffic. Make sure you are ready for this chaotic time by doing the proper checks on your vehicle before going out and enjoying the Summer. Here are our tips at Rhinoman Canopies on how to prepare your vehicle for the festive season.

Check your tyres

Tyre safety is a must! Make sure to not only check your tyre pressure but also the tread as well as keep an eye out for any other damages. It is recommended that you check your tyres every time you put in fuel. For additional safety, make sure you have your wheels aligned and balanced before heading on a long journey.

Service your vehicle

Before you head on your adventure, make sure you take your car in for a general service. There are certain parts that only an experienced mechanic might notice are damaged. This will save you the trouble of dealing with a broken-down car later. You can also do some of your checks, including your oil, brake fluid, windscreen wipers, the battery, spare wheel, and any other vehicle fluids.

Emergency Kit

Always have an emergency kit on hand on any car trip. You should technically have 2 kits, 1 for first aid for passengers and a second for your vehicle. The vehicle kit should include, jumper cables, heavy-duty rope, water, and a power bank to charge mobile devices.

Plan your journey

Before leaving on your adventure, make sure you take the time to plan your route well. You can avoid unnecessary traffic and dangerous roads if you plan. Another tip is to plan an alternative route as a backup plan in case an incident occurs on the first route.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for your next adventure, with Rhinoman Canopies!

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