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Here’s why you should never leave food in your car

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Many don’t realise, but your car is technically your second home, most people spend up to 36 hours stuck in traffic every year!

Saving time is a big factor for many drivers, which leads to many people eating in their cars. It’s very common to see people eating breakfast, lunch, and supper while driving, but your car wasn’t meant for this.

Here are some reasons why:

Scientists have tested the cleanliness of cars compared to public toilets and they found that cars are so much dirtier than any toilet. Dangerous bacteria and bugs are found in cars that can cause food poisoning, due to the bacteria causing the food to rot quickly in the hot and changing environment in the car. This bacterium that is often found in cars should be the main reason you shouldn’t leave food in the car.

Perishable food can survive outside of the fridge for only 2 hours in a car, when the temperature goes above 32 degrees the rate of bacteria growth increases exponentially.

If food does go off in a car, this can be very bad as the stain might come out, but to get rid of certain smells on certain materials can be a nightmare. Some people never manage to get the smell of fish, eggs, or old milk out of their vehicles. If you do mess, immediately take it for a proper clean. Drinking anything besides water can be dangerous as these sticky drinks can seep into the far corners of your car.

Cleaning your car regularly, inside and out, can’t be emphasised enough, as an unclean car, is much more of a risk than a dirty toilet.

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