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How to avoid filling your bakkie with the wrong kind of petrol

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It may seem like an unnecessary concept, but it is possible to put the wrong type of fuel in your bakkie. Putting petrol into a diesel tank can result in a lot more damage than the opposite. This can damage the fuel pump, injector, filters, fuel tank, and the engine can also be in danger of serious damage.

Most vehicles will have their specific type of fuel marked near the fuel filler neck. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask your friendly petrol attendant for assistance as they have most likely been in a similar situation before and are educated to know where to look.

If by some chance, the wrong fuel is thrown into the tank and the driver notices before he starts the engine, the driver can perform a reverse pump to drain all the incorrect fuel out of the tank.

If you know what type of fuel your car uses, make sure to tell the fuel attendant as he might make the wrong assumption by accident.

Here are a few additional tips to make sure you do not use the incorrect fuel:

  1. Don’t assume based on the colour of the nozzle what type of fuel is being put in your vehicle.
  2. Put fuel reminders in your car by the fuel cap or somewhere that you will be reminded what type of fuel the car uses.
  3. Try not to be in a rush, busy with other things, or stressed when filling up as it may cause you to make the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in your car.
  4. If you own a diesel vehicle, make sure to buy a stopper that will fit into that filler neck so that the smaller petrol nozzle can’t be used.

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