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How to be a better driver this year

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So many more accidents are caused on the road due to driver negligence, than from car malfunction or freak accidents. Here are some of Rhinoman’s best tips to stay safe while driving your car this year.

Stay in your lane

Stay in between the physical lines on the road and leave enough space for cars to pass. Stay in your lane also refers to the driver’s focus on their driving and not everything around them. Don’t let outside factors influence your driving such as road rage or trying to signal out a bad driver.

Keep Left Pass Right

This is one road rule that is very scarce in South Africa compared to Europe. South African drivers tend to be very selfish and often you will find slower cars not moving out the right fast lane for any reason, causing traffic and accidents.

Maintain a safe following distance

Always leave enough room between you and the car in front of you, you don’t know the quality of their brakes and might not even know the quality of your own, so a major accident may happen purely because of this. Be safe, there is no benefit for being close to the car in front of you.

Be kind to other drivers.

If a person has their indicator on to turn into a lane, give them a gap, it won’t cause you any harm and you may just be stopping an accident from happening because of your kindness.

Be aware of your surroundings

Remember to always check your blind spot when turning or changing lanes. Especially in traffic, be aware of cyclists and motorbikes that travel in between lanes. Also, keep an eye out for suspicious people and lock your doors and windows.

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