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Navigating parking lots

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One of the busiest places for drivers to contend with is parking lots. Drivers need an extra set of eyes to avoid all the impediments, which range from people walking behind the cars to trolleys abandoned in the middle of the parking lot. According to various studies, 46% of vehicles were damaged while at least one was parked.

There are a few techniques that drivers can use to avoid costly bumper accidents. It’s crucial to understand the most common parking lot crashes so you can stay alert and avoid becoming involved in one.

The most common crashes are two drivers reversing out at the same time and colliding, driving forward or reversing out of a parking space and colliding with passing traffic, drivers colliding when they try to park in the same spot, and rear-end collisions that occur when one vehicle is stationary at a stop sign or waiting for parking.

Rhinoman Canopies have a few points you can keep in mind to safely navigate into and out of a parking lot:

  • When leaving, choose a pull-through parking spot where you can see any obstructions easily.
  • If you can’t find a pull-through spot, reverse park so you can still benefit from the improved visibility when you depart.
  • Before leaving the area, keep an eye out for distracted pedestrians and be prepared to respond to an unexpected pedestrian at a moment’s notice.
  • Pay special attention to children who are more difficult to notice and who are not as wary as adults.
  • Do not neglect to stop at clearly indicated stop signs or to use your indicators to alert other drivers to your intentions.
  • Be cautious of other drivers who may be driving recklessly. Speeding through parking spaces, skipping stop signs, or being frustrated with other vehicles are all examples of dangerous driving.
  • When picking parking, be selective. Choose a different spot if nearby vehicles are parked on the line.
  • When exiting a space, make sure your mirrors are in the proper position to maximize your range of vision.
  • If you reside in an area where there is a lot of wind, be wary of doors swinging open with force or trolleys that roll across the parking lot.
  • Avoid going shopping at rush hour.

In parking lots, drivers may be fooled into lowering their guard, however, these are frequently the places of crashes that can ultimately harm your wallet. Keep these Rhinoman tips in mind the next time you’re at a parking lot.

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