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New & Used Bakkie Buying Tips

Buying tips

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It is said that if the global shortage of car parts is resolved that the number of new car sales has the potential to increase between 10-15%.

For buyers, this is excellent news, but you would need to ensure that you receive the best quality at the best possible price. Getting a new car is always exciting, but it is important to do all the necessary research to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

If you are buying a brand-new vehicle, these are a few tips to keep in mind:

Analyse Your Needs
Strategically list all the things you need in a car, such as the number of seats, amount of cargo space, safety, warranties, maintenance plans and features to determine what sort of vehicle you will need and help to determine realistic expectations. You need to focus on making a clear distinction between needs and wants.

Budget & Costs
You need to take a careful look at your budget and work out how much you can afford to pay back monthly. Be realistic about the finances, including maintenance and insurance.

Read reviews online, in newspapers and magazines about the car you are thinking about buying to get a better idea of user experiences. You should be as informed as possible when comparing different car models and pay close attention to after-sales support too.

Set a Price Target
After you have done research, you should have a good idea on what the average selling price is for the vehicle of choice. Keep this in mind when purchasing the vehicle and do not pay above the average unless you are requesting special add-ons.

Resale Value
Keep an eye on the resale value of the car you are interested in as certain cars do not resale well.

Shop Around
Never jump at the first deal you find. Take your time to ensure that you have explored all options so that you can be assured that you find the best possible deal!

If you are looking at a pre-owned vehicle, read the below:

Background Check
Buying from a reputable dealer is always a safe bet. In the event of a private sale, always ask as many questions as possible to ensure that you do not end up with an issue on wheels.

A car that has a higher mileage generally has higher maintenance costs and are more prone to costly repairs. Although it might be a better bargain, you may suffer financially in the long term.

Full-Service History
Cars that have a full service history with a reputable RMI-accredited service centre generally make for a much safer, better buy than a car that does not. If the car service is not up to date, you can ask the dealer to service the car as a condition of the sale of the vehicle.

Check Leaks, Tyres, Cabin, Safety, Technology
Be sure to thoroughly check the car from all angles. You should check the condition of all parts, run through all elements of the car’s technology, the condition of the tyres, ensure the safety features work correctly as well as check for any oil or other fluid leaks. Check the cabin for any scratches, chips, cracks, or tears. Being a used car, there might be some minor wear and tear consistent with the age of the vehicle, but larger issues may be a warning sign.

Test Drive
Start the engine and take the car for a test drive to see how it performs on the road. There should be no excessive smoke, noises, stutters, or vibrations. Test the car on a variety of different surfaces

Be Prepared to Walk Away
Avoid the pressure of having to buy the car on the spot. Give yourself sufficient time to think things through and make an informed decision.

Ensure you make the best decision for you and your needs to ensure that you have stress-free start to 2023!

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