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The best off-road Bakkies


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Ford Ranger Raptor Off-Road:

Thanks to a combination of off-road-biased tyres, Fox Racing suspension, and intelligent off-road settings, including an insane Baja no-holds-barred setup, the Ford Ranger Raptor is an amazing off-road weapon. It was designed from the ground up to be a purpose-built off-road vehicle.

The great thing is that you don’t have to drive it like an off-road racer the whole day; it still has all the creature amenities you’d expect in a double cab bakkie for your family.

Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 Off-Road:

Although the Ford Ranger Raptor has monopolized the performance segment of the double-cab market, Isuzu’s D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 has forged ahead. These monstrosities are impressively built on the same line as the ordinary D-Max before being pulled away for conversion at various points during the process. Flared arches, massive wheels, and a bespoke Fox Performance suspension characterize the Isuzu D-Max AT 35.

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Off-Road :

The distinctly old-school Toyota Land Cruiser has an incredibly lovable quality to it. It has never used gadgets or gizmos, instead of relying on tried-and-true mechanicals. Despite the rise of vehicles with similar levels of capabilities, with far more comfort and convenience options, Toyota continues to produce the 70-Series Land Cruisers for a reason: reliability. Toyota’s Land Cruiser series is sold in 170 markets, and its customers are some of the most demanding car owners imaginable: people who use their vehicles to run businesses and provide emergency services where none exist. Vehicle durability is extremely important to them.

Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD-6 4×4 Auto:

The facelifted Hilux is a concentrated effort by Toyota to elevate its flagship to the top tier of recreational bakkies. The bakkie is comfortable and settled on gravel roads, but also more capable on difficult off-road courses. The Toyota Hilux improves in a variety of areas thanks to plenty of improvements introduced to the current model.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak:

There’s nothing wrong with the ordinary Ranger Wildtrak if you desire a Ranger Raptor but your money won’t go that far. The trick suspension and tyres are gone, but it still has good ground clearance and an 800 mm wading depth. The engine is a 2.0-litre bi-turbocharged diesel with 157 kW and 500 Nm, the same as the one found in the Raptor.

If you are into the off-road lifestyle consider these amazing bakkie’s and get your Rhinoman Canopy fitted, for the best 4×4 experience.

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