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Road safety tips for the long weekend

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Those who will be on the road over the long weekend and school holidays should be prepared for the increased traffic over the next few days. Even though the statistics change, the causes of incidents stay consistent year after year, and drivers may learn from this.

As we approach the long weekend, drivers should be informed of the prevalent causes of crashes from prior years and be prepared to address a similar situation if one arises.

We at Rhinoman would like to encourage all drivers who will be on the roads, whether traveling to holiday spots or commuting between family and friends, to use hindsight and learn from previous hectic periods. The causes of crashes are consistent year after year, indicating what drivers should do to lower their risk while driving throughout the holiday season.

Let’s take a look at a few of these scenarios:


Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups in crashes every year. When traveling between towns on your way to a vacation destination, keep an eye out for pedestrians on the side of the road and react quickly if you encounter one. You should not wait for them to take the initial step into the road before reacting. Be aware of road signs that identify areas where people are likely to cross the road. Avoid driving at night, particularly during the hours of dusk and dawn, when it is more difficult to see pedestrians. Furthermore, drunk pedestrians are less likely to make safe judgments, so cars should slow down and give every pedestrian a wide berth, whether or not they appear to be intoxicated or not.

Drinking and driving

Although it stands to reason that you should not get behind the wheel and drive, you may come across other motorists who do. Be on the lookout for symptoms that a motorist has been drinking, such as weaving between lanes, driving too fast or too slowly, or delayed reactions. Increase the distance between you and the driver as soon as you suspect he or she is intoxicated, and get away as fast and safely as possible. If you can safely notify authorities, do so as quickly as possible to avoid further tragedy.

Reckless driving

Crashes are primarily caused by speeding, overtaking on blind hills, disregarding traffic laws, and drivers who put others under pressure. Increase the gap between you and them and move away from them as quickly as possible, just like you would if you were dealing with a drunk driver. If a car speeds up behind you, for example, move out of the way safely rather than refusing to let them pass. On the other hand, keep an eye out for vehicles that are passing on blind rises or taking other risks in oncoming traffic. If you can’t get their attention, move off the road rather than staying where you are or moving into the lanes of oncoming vehicles. Again, if it is safe to do so, notify authorities.

Road fatality statistics could be drastically lowered if drivers are aware of potentially dangerous situations and know how to react.

Everyone who plans to drive over long weekends should make sure they are a defensive driver who is ready for any situation on the road. May you have a great long weekend with your Rhinoman canopy!

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