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Road Trip Games for the whole family

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Family road trips are fun, but if the kids aren’t entertained then it can turn into the typical movie road trip stereotype very quickly. “Mommy I’m hungry”. “Daddy are we there yet?” “I need to go to the bathroom again”. Don’t let this ruin your adventure, make sure the kids are entertained throughout their trip with a few of our Rhinoman-approved road trip games.

ABC Eye Spy

This is an easy game for kids as long as they know their ABCs. Take turns naming a subject that you can see on your road trips. E.g.  I see a Car. Then after the subject has been chosen take turns naming things in that subject from A-Z. E.g., Cars are the subject then the first person names a car starting with the letter A, so Alfa Romeo then the next person follows with a car starting with the letter B and so on until you get to Z, then change the subject.

Classic Eye Spy

“Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with a…” If you have never heard this phrase then you have definitely missed out on a great family road trip game. Each person takes a turn looking out the window for something they see on their road trip, once something is chosen, only the first letter is given to the family and then they must guess what you saw. The first person to get it right gets to go next.

Punch Buggy

This is another classic game based on the idea that whenever anyone saw a Volkswagen Beetle or Beach Buggy, they get to punch the person next to them. This can be viewed as promoting violence in the vehicle so a few adjustments can be made to make it family-friendly. Instead of a punch, the first person to see the specific vehicle such as a Bakkie with a Canopy will shout “Punch Buggy” and will be awarded 1 point, by the end of the road trip whoever has accumulated the most points will be given a prize chosen by the parents. This will add a competitive nature to the game while removing the unnecessary violence of punching.

Build a Story

This simple storytelling game is a great way to boost memory and imagination while retaining attention in your kids. One person begins the story with a random word and then each person takes a turn to add a word to the story that will make sense. The first person to forget the story gets eliminated until there is 1 winner.

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