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Safety on the road this festive season!

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It’s time to pack up your bags and head out on an adventure this festive season! But make sure before you leave that you do all the necessary safety checks because the festive season brings along not just presents, but for any holiday goers, it brings traffic, busy roads, and impatient drivers. Here are our tips at Rhinoman Canopies on how to stay safe this festive season.

Vehicle check

Before you leave, make sure to give your vehicle an overall check of all the basic parts, including wipers, oil, brake fluid, battery, the spare tyre, and all lights. Even if all these essential parts look fine, make sure to bring the necessary equipment along to fix them.

Loading your vehicle

Don’t overpack your vehicle. Overpacking can cause a lot more risk than most people realise. It can obstruct your rear-view visibility, affect your vehicle’s stability, and ability to steer and stop. It can also cause brake and tyre damage and increase your fuel usage.

Pack heavy items in the back and make sure your personal items are stored safely away. Loose items can be dangerous if left to slide around the vehicle.

Safety Belt on!

Only 36,9% of all drivers wear their seat belts. This is extremely dangerous and is a big reason for many of the injuries caused by car accidents. Seat belts are there purely for your protection so why contemplate wearing one? Seat belts also provide additional protection, as well as allow for the airbag to deploy correctly and safely. The 2 seconds it takes to put on your seat belt, might just save your life.

Defensive driving

We are all taught how to drive defensively when learning how to drive, but after that driver’s test, most of us forget not just the unnecessary check, but also the important tool that is defensive driving. When driving in any situation, the driver should always have an exit strategy for dangerous situations. One of the many exit strategies includes stopping well in advance so you have enough space to turn or make an exit from the car in front of you.

Fewer Distractions

The main distraction of our day-to-day lives is our mobile phones and while driving it isn’t much different. Mobile phones distract and cause many accidents on the road and so if you do have to make use of a mobile device make sure you are parked or have a hands-free device that you can use safely. Other distractions include spectating an accident that occurred recently, putting on makeup, looking after children, and looking for items that you dropped in the vehicle.

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