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The best 4×4 trails

4x4 trails

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The Western Cape has some of the most rugged and spectacular scenery on the planet. The culmination of majestic mountain ranges, indigenous forests, and magnificent wildlife. And there is no better way to see this landscape than in a 4×4 bakkie. These four routes offer the best representation of the Cape’s features.

1 Boegoeberg:

The Boegoeberg trail is a beautiful mountain path that rests high up on Lambertshoek farm, ‘Engelsman se Berg.’ As the trail undulates from steep inclines over massive rock formations to fast descents across highland terrain, it will put your professional driving skills to the test. A shimmering stream runs through the final stretch of this 30-kilometre path, which you will have to cross at various points. There is also an overnight campsite that’s both eco-friendly and family-friendly.

2 Ostrich Eco:

This trail promises to be a sensory overload as it winds through kloofs, fields, rivers, and thick fynbos vegetation. Since the meandering Slang River offers multiple crossings along the way, your bakkie will be put to the test on a number of surfaces, including sand, stone, and water. The river bed floods during the rainy season, creating obstacles such as mud puddles and water pools in your way, and the water levels will rise very high, so make sure you remember the alternative routes.

3 Glen Oakes:

The rough and tumble nature of Glen Oaks in the Cape Overberg would appeal to experienced trailblazers. This trail is laid out like an obstacle course and leads you through lush green forests in the Klein River Mountain foothills. Cultivated land gives way to familiar rocky roads, but the terrain gets more difficult near the vlei, with vast stretches of mud patches and marshes. All profits from the trail go toward eradicating alien vegetation from the local farmland as a show of good faith.

4 Klein Tafelberg:

Klein Tafelberg, South Africa’s number one 4×4 trail, offers some spectacular sand dunes. The sandy stretch gets softer and more difficult as the day progresses, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you entertained. After you have conquered this segment, a series of rocky stairs, steep ledges, and solid rock faces will have you working up a sweat. Unique limestone formations and native flora at the top offers the rawest, untouched version of West Coast terrain – a destination well worth the effort.

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